Need room to grow? Is your business busting at the seams?  Or maybe you’re located in another city and you need to move closer to your customers, workforce or into a new market all together.  Look no further than Mesquite, a solid choice in the bustling North Texas market.  Proven by our solid small and large businesses that have been here for 50 and 60 plus years, once you’ve had a taste of Mesquite, you’re here to stay.

The Economic Development office is the place to start to efficiently navigate the many resources in our area that are here to serve you.  We have the data and connections you need when seeking the right place to do business, whether it’s a new location or expanding in Mesquite.

Things to consider when selecting your site:

  • Purpose of the building/facility
  • Neighborhood characteristics
  • Government laws
  • Shape and size
  • Terrain condition
  • Type of ground soil
  • Environmental conditions
  • Legal and financial aspects

Common relocation and expansion considerations we can help with:

  • Customer access
  • Employee pool
  • Proximity to vendors
  • Working relationships